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Un intérieur/ une couleur : Couleurs primaires


C'est chez  Miluccia qui a le talent de nous faire découvrir des lieux terribles que j'ai déniché ces trésors. . Dans ma rubrique Un intérieur / Une couleur, aujourd'hui je vous propose ces deux magnifiques maisons avant-gardistes de 1959, oeuvres de l'architecte moderniste Joao Vilanova Artigas, à São Paulo. Visite en rouge , jaune et bleu ...


The Baeta home’s study, partially below ground, seen from the outside

An interior  / a color:  primary colors
This is from Miluccia who has the talent to discover terrible places I found these treasures. . In my column An interior  / One color, today I offer these two magnificent houses of 1959, works by the modernist architect  Joao Vilanova Artigas, Sao Paulo. Visit in red, yellow and blue ...

The Baeta
home’s study is partially below ground. Vilanova Artigas softened the brutality
of the compact, solid forms in reinforced
concrete through the use of primary colours:
red, white, blue, yellow and black. In this way,
he established a kind of hierarchy between
the different elements of the building.
The concrete stairs, for example, are painted
Olga Baeta house: the dining room
Rubens de Mendonça House. For the first time in an architectural
project by Artigas, columns appear with
a triangular section. He subsequently
developed this theme in his projects for
the São Paulo Football Club dressing
rooms and the Anhembi Tennis Club, both
constructed in 1961.
The two-storey Rubens
de Mendonça House has an interior
double-height space facing the hallway,
which leads to the bedrooms
Facing the road,
the front of the Rubens de Mendonça House
was treated as if it were a gigantic mural work of
art. Vilanova Artigas involved Mário Gruber and
Rebolo Gonzales in the design of the facades
of the house for Rubens de Mendonça.
“The fresco was created by Rebolo based
on the studies I did with Gruber.”
The geometric pattern on the building’s
facade gave rise to the nickname “House
of Triangles”. Here again, a colour theme
was used: on the exterior, white and blue
triangles are interspersed with pink panels.
source Domus via Miluccia

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